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Our view.

This is more than AI

The pace of change in AI and automation and pressures of success will accelerate each quarter. To avoid being left behind, businesses need to think about more than just AI and must design & build new organisational foundations with new paths to success:

  • People skills & structures

  • Operations

  • Technology

  • Data

Failure to do this risks being left behind in the long term value generation & efficiency race.

The 5 Stepping stones to success
01 / Think beyond LLM​

AI application in your organisation is much more powerful when you re-define your operating model for the future and think of how your business really creates value.

02 / Know your AI reality

Be honest about your reality today to cut through the hype and build an objective and quantifiable goal for the future.

03 / Culture will trump science​

The best data science will fail in the face of a legacy mindset - plan ahead for how you change your culture to embrace and create new opportunities with AI.

04 / Find your own AI balance

This change will be more contentious than anything before - finding a balance across privacy, ethics and employee skills against commercial benefits will be key to acceptance and adoption.

05 / Build pathways to Orchestration

Businesses that will win in the future will have orchestration capabilities across multiple optimisation models across all business operations. Solutions of today need a pathway to that future.

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